Why start a blog?

“Whhhhyyyyy?” my mum asks, whenever confronted with something that she does not understand or agree with. Although maybe not the most useful way to ask, I have tried to keep that attitude throughout my life and therefore answering the question “why I would start a blog?” was the first thing that seemed sensible to write about.

The reason to write for myself is pretty simple – I am terrible at thinking a topic through fully without writing something down. Even if someone has already gone through the trouble of writing a well researched article it is much easier going along with what you are reading than critically evaluating and forming your own opinion. This is true for topics from the moral reasoning behind nuclear bombs to the benefits to physics that the discovery of gravitational waves will bring. So, the obvious solution is to start writing my thoughts down. Although this was my original motivation I have grown to think that it will also help me with improving my writing as well as making me a more well rounded individual. There are also a bunch of reasons already listed here that I don’t need to repeat.

It is not uncommon for me to find myself mid discussion with a friend or colleague only to realise that he/she has thought out the consequences more thoroughly than I. This kind of situation is great for me as I love to learn new things and hear differences in opinion but I always regret not being able to pursue the conversation further. A blog of this style will give me a reason to do some proper research whilst forcing me to consider possibilities that I would perhaps not if it were not going online for the entire world to see.

Now the question becomes “why on earth would you put it on the internet?” and this is more difficult to answer. I have, in the past, not been particularly active on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter due to my aversion to sharing personal thoughts online. In fact the only time I really commented on a post I ended up in a very frustrating debate with no conclusion. Since then I refused, as a rule, to comment on anything even close to controversial. I don’t know if this counts as breaking that rule but it seems like the right time to re join the world of being active online.

The final reason to start writing is because although the internet is a vast menagerie of information, it does not contain a lot of things I would like to see. There are certainly google searches that I have tried which return nothing of any use. With a good few billion people using the internet, I cannot be the only one who has experienced this. I will therefore try to fill the occasional void with something useful.

When I say blog I’m not too sure exactly what that means. I don’t have a strong idea about what I will include on here (open to any feedback along the way). Other blogs I have enjoyed reading usually include a mixture of short and long reads so I will try to also emulate that. My plan is to try update every two weeks with something. That something will probably vary hugely and as such it may or may not be of interest to everyone. It could be just a short discussion/selection of links I found interesting all the way up to a full scientific discussion (as that is my primary job). The most I can say is that I will try to include an informative title so that you can know if you should read on or not.


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